6 Tips for beginner chefs at restaurants

Have you always wanted to be a Professional Chef? Do you want to learn how to make the best dishes possible? Well, cooking is not easy but if you practice enough and have the right amount of talent, you can become an accomplished chef in some time.

It will require a lot of hard work and patience but it is a good possibility. So if you are looking for some simple cooking tips to help you out with your cooking, then read through the below-mentioned tips, they are bound to help you and turn you into an awesome cook in no time.

Read the recipe carefully

Make sure that you read your recipe carefully and properly before you start preparing your ingredients. It is important to take the right amount of ingredients to make your food delicious and perfect.

Ensure that you have all the right ingredients and equipment for a particular recipe and only start when you have everything. Once you have all the ingredients together, make sure that they are properly chopped, sliced and prepped before you start with the actual cooking.

Pre-Heat your kitchen equipment

It is important to pre-heat your oven and pans to ensure that your food is properly cooked and retains all its juices and flavors. Preheating your equipment will allow your food to be properly cooked and will turn the surface brown from the moment it hits the pan or the oven.

If you don’t pre-heat your equipment, it is likely that your food will remain soggy and uncooked and will take a longer time to get cooked properly.

Take proper amount of ingredients

It is important that you take the proper amount of ingredients to cook your food. Make sure you don’t add too much of an ingredient on your pan which might make it difficult to cook.

Taking the right amount of ingredients is important to ensure that your food will be properly cooked and won’t remain uncooked. So make sure that you have enough boiling water for your pasta and spaghetti but not too much as it might turn your pasta soggy and lumpy.

Use good equipment

It is important to have good equipment to ensure that your food is properly prepared. Make sure you have a basic of kitchen tools like chef’s knife, non-sticky pan, food process, mixer, etc.

A good food processor or mixer will help you in making a consistent and thoroughly mixed batter which will help you in making the perfect cake and cookies. You always need a proper equipment to prepare your ingredients.

Taste and make adjustments

Once you have started cooking your meal, make sure that you taste it in every few minutes and determine what spice or herbs you need to add and then add them.

This will ensure that your food tastes delicious and there is nothing missing in its flavor. This will also give you a better idea of the ingredient quantity that you need to add and make it easier for you the next time you cook the same meal.

Sautéing your garlic at the perfect moment

Too often people add the garlic in their pan too soon which results in it getting burnt and providing a bitter taste to your meal.

Make sure you add your garlic at the right time and make sure it doesn’t get burnt. Adding garlic could really elevate the flavors in your food if done with expertise.

5 Reasons we prefer pre-rinse faucets in our kitchen

You must be aware that Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucets were previously a popular commercial commodity but nowadays it has become more popular at homes too.

Why are people going for this faucet? What is so special about it? Pre-Rinse Kitchen faucets are great for any kitchen because they provide the functionality of a commercialized faucet and provide you with a professional look and feel for your kitchen.

Here are a few benefits of using a Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucets at your home or restaurant kitchen:

Spray up to great distance with ease

With its high-arc spout, you can spray deep into your sink and for long ranges with considerable ease and clean big vessels very easily.

So if you are one of those who owns big, deep sinks then getting a Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet would be the correct decision for you.

You can use its sprayer to clean utensils out of the sink also which makes the whole cleaning process faster and more efficient.

You can angle your spray as you want

Due to its high-pressure pull-out nozzle and flexible neck, it is easier to clean pots and pans from whatever angle you need to which is just not possible with the other kitchen faucets.

You can twist it into a 360-degree angle and spray your utensils clean from all sides in just a few minutes and its grooves on the spout make it easier for you to hold the faucet and spray it in whichever direction you want. Check out faucet reviews and comparison charts for a model with such flexibility and ease of use.

Great for cleaning purposes

Another great benefit of this Faucet is that it provides you with various spray settings for your faucet, so if you want the high-pressure spray to remove stubborn stains and dirt from your dishes, then you got it.

But it you want to gently rinse your veggies or plates, you can just use a low-pressure setting and perform your task easily.

Since it is mobile too, you can clean your dishes inside both deep sinks and outside the sinks making sure that your cleaning process is not hampered due to any reason.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The best part about this faucet is that it is so flexible and adaptable. You can find any size which you need which makes it a good bet for most households.

Its extended arm keeps a hold on the faucet spout when you don’t want to use the hose, keeping it stationary at a place. But you can always use your flexible hose whenever you want and you can remove it from the extended arm to do so.

So basically you can hold it stationary and let it remain flexible, you have the option to do both which is not found in many faucets.

Great looks and feels

With all its amazing features and functionalities, this faucet’s benefits are still not over. It provides your kitchen with a modern and classy look and makes your kitchen into a more professional area.

So if you want to impress your guests while efficiently using your faucet to clean the dishes, then Pre-Rinse Kitchen Faucet is the one for you. It will provide you with a comfortable and attractive looking faucet which will make you feel good about your kitchen too.



My favorite mocktails for the upcoming summers

Here’s a list of all my favorite mocktails to fight of the blazing summer heat.

Recommended Ingredients:

1. Berries

2. Lemon

3. Club Soda or Fizzy Water

4. Tomatoes

5. Tobasco Sauce (Yeah right!)

6. Worcester sauce

7. Fruits

8. Ice

Recommended Appliances:

1. A good Juicer (We recommend Breville)

2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

3. Cocktail Shaker


Virgin Daiquiri


virgin daquiri

To beat the summer heat this combination of lime, strawberries, sugar blended together with some crushed ice and topped off with a little Pineapple is simply put ideal. I always prefer using good quality fresh fruits rather than any bottled or canned juices or fruit flavors to get the best taste.


Mint Lemonade


virgin mint lemonade

This is another one of my favorites and most recommended summer coolers since the ingredients are readily available and is easy to prep. All you’ll require is 500 grams of sugar, 2-3 cups of fresh lime squeeze, 5 cups of water. To start off stir 2 cups of water and the sugar to prep up the syrup. Get an another jar and stir up the leftover water and 2 cups of lime squeeze.Mix it all up, give it a nice stir, add some crushed ice or refrigerate it of 1-2 hours since it best tastes chilled.


Pomegranate spritzer


pomegranate spritzer

One gets a taste of many flavors in this drink such as lemons, pomegranates, ginger ale, seltzer  and is best served in wine glasses. To prepare it, mix ginger ale with the pomegranate juice, throw some crushed ice into the wine glasses then mix the the seltzer with the pomegranate juice and pour and you’re ready to serve.


Virgin Sangria


virgin sangaria

A very popular summer cooler is the sangria and while it’s alcoholic version is best served with wine this version is a combination of lots a fruits like apples, bananas, grape juice, peaches, mandarins, lemon and some cinnamon. Keep it refrigerated for 1-2 hours and preferably in a pitcher. It’s the perfect drink for the weekend family get together and can easily be prepared in large quantities.


Virgin Mary


virgin mary

The Virgin Mary is the non-alcoholic version of what you may know as the bloody mary and to prep it all u need is a tomato, 2-3 limes, some Worcester sauce and few drops of Tabasco sauce.


Non Alcoholic Fizz



This is one drink most women tend to love and is prepared using orange and cranberry juices combined together with some club soda. Grab a shaker and give the juices and some crushed ice a good shake and then add the chilled club soda just before it’s served. To top it off you can use a number ingredients such as fine slices of orange, pineapple, kiwi etc.


Virgin Mojito



Like the sangria mentioned above this too needs no alcohol unlike it’s half brother and is loved by people of all ages and the ingredients needed for it are mint leaves, ice, lime juice, some sugar syrup and some club soda. Refrigerate a blend of all these for about 1 hour. The mint and lime make it a healthy choice and one of the best drinks to kill the summer heat.


Classic Shirley Temple


shirley temple

This is another drink loved by almost everyone. Ingredients needed are 2-3 limes, 3 tsp of grenadine, 2 tsp orange juice and a slice of orange or cherry. Chill it for 1-2 hours for the best experience.

9 Soup recipes you do not want to miss out on

Soups are of many kinds warm or cool, clear or thick etc. so if you’re in the mood for some soup below are some of the world’s best easy to cook soups you do not want to miss out on.

Potato Soup


potato soup

For those looking for a quick , yummy bowl of goodness, it’s the perfect recipe and guess what, it only takes a mere 20 minutes to prep and for some added flavor you can top it off with some finely chopped bacon, shredded cheddar cheese or some fine green onion slices, anything that gets your taste buds drooling.


The American Chili


american chili

The one chili i’d give up all other chili’s for is this classic American chili recipe. Not only does it hit all the right notes making it one of my favorites if you’re patient enough or have some leftover you’re in for a treat the next day.


French Onion Soup


french soup

Well this classic French Onion Soup recipe is simply a must have and will keep you hooked for days if not weeks. The creamy melting onions make it a soup to die for.


Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup


Style: "Neutral"

If you’re in for some Chinese this classic blend of soup and noodles is exactly what you need.  Now you can use canned chicken broth but personally I have always preferred fresh stock. It tastes better and will last longer.


Roasted Butternut Squash and Shallot Soup


Roasted Butternut Squash and Shallot Soup

On a cold wintery night this soup is just what the heart, mind and body desire and not only will you rave over the taste, it’s awesome velvety look will make you want to go back for more.


Beef Daube Provencal


Beef Daube Provencal

Need a quick-fire and easy to cook soup for the guests coming over for lunch? All this recipe needs is 15-20 minutes and all the ingredients are more likely already in the pantry so start off by cooking the meat and garlic and then get it all into the oven or slow cooker once done and voila, the soup is ready.


Tortilla Meatball Soup


Tortilla Meatball Soup

Tingle your taste buds with this new tortilla soup. For this one, prep up the meatballs with some chipotle. Fresh corn on the cob if available or some chilled corn kernels grilled with little pepper and an added pinch of chipotle chilies for a slight flavor burst can really turn the heat up.


Lentils and Lamb Indian Soup


Lentils and Lamb Indian Soup

Miss the yummy awesomeness of the Indian herbs and spices? The curry powder and coconut milk mixed together with the lentils and jalapeno will provide you just that and if it gets too hot to handle a scoop of Greek Yogurt or fresh cream is the perfect solution.


Saffron Fish Stew and White Beans



For a burst of herbs and spices into your system the fish stew remains my top pick which in my opinion tastes best with the Alaskan Halibut. The combination of saffron, thyme leaves, and orange rind with the fish give it attractive golden finish .