How to use a home espresso machine

If you are a coffee lover then it is natural for you to crave a cup of espresso every now and then and what better way to satiate your needs by getting an espresso machine for home use. If you are an ardent espresso lover, then it is the time that you get yourself an espresso machine. Worried that you won’t know how to use it properly?

Don’t worry, an espresso machine is quite easy to use and if you follow these steps, you would be easily able to make your own espresso as and when you want:


  1. The first step would be to fill your espresso’s reservoir or attach it to a water line for continuous supply of water. You need to make sure that the water which is supplied to the espresso is cold, filtered and isn’t too hard or soft. It is important to provide your machine with the right quality of water to make a perfect cup of espresso. If your water is too distilled, then it would harm your boiler but if your water is too hard, then it would get accumulated on the inside.
  2. Once you have successfully provided your espresso with a good quality water, you need to turn the espresso machine on and give it some time to heat up. This could take 15 minutes or 45 minutes, it all depends on the size of your espresso machine. Make sure that you give it some buffer time too before you start using it.
  3. Now, you need to take an empty portafilter and lock it in the group head and run the machine for a few seconds. This will heat up the water which is close to your coffee and get more fresh water in the front. Once it is done, you need to wipe dry the inside of the portafilter and the underside of the group head.
  4. Now, grind your coffee to a finely, course size and then pour some 18-21 grams of this freshly ground coffee in the portafilter. Once the coffee leaves the chute, you need to rotate the portafilter to ensure that the grounds settle evenly in the basket. You can also use your forefingers to evenly spread them out.
  5. Now position your wrist and arm directly over the center of the portafilter basket and press firmly to make an even, bed-sized shape.
  6. Now, place the portafilter back on the group head and start the brewing. If your machine comes with a separate pre-brew or pre-infusion, then it is advisable to complete this first. This is a good way to brew your freshly ground coffee as the pre-infusion process allows the stored gasses to be released before the whole infusion begins.
  7. Once the above processes are completed, you can start with the infusion process and the brewing and can decide a yield for your brew. You can also mix cream by stirring or by pouring your espresso into another cup and then serve it. Love for coffee is constant and that isn’t replaceable, if you are not wishing to spend much on buying an espresso machine you can get the similar taste using drip coffee maker, here are the drip coffee maker reviews that may help you out.

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