How to Clean a Blender

Blenders nowadays have become an important piece of kitchen appliances and so you can read reviews on KitchenGuyd about it. But then it is also important to maintain it if you want your blender to work in such way that it was purchased yesterday. And for this, cleaning becomes a crucial part which is very easy if you clean it right after you use it.

You can also scrub it with a sponge for deep cleaning, or you can use water and dish soap for a fast and efficient cleaning. If you don’t know how to do the same in a proper manner, below are some methods you can apply in your daily lives that will help you maintain your blender.

Method 1: Cleaning the Carafe

  • Blend Dish Soap: Fill the blender carafe halfway by adding warm water to it. Now, add some drops of liquid dish detergent. Then, blend it on low setting for about one minute until the carafe is completely sudsy. Now pour the soapy water and wash it till it is completely clean. Remember that you close the lid properly, otherwise, you’ll get soapy water everywhere.
  • Use Lemon to Remove Stains: Again fill the blender halfway with water with some drops of dish soap into it. Now add half a lemon that is coarsely chopped. Then, blend the mixture for a minute or so. By doing so it would wash away all the stains and leave the carafe looking fresh. Instead of using lemons, white vinegar can be another option. It may not smell good like a lemon but is effective in the same way.

Cleaning the Carafe

  • Scrub Stubborn Stains: Take a rough sponge, steel wool or a toothbrush, depending on the strength of the material. Add some water and dish soap into the blender, and now wash away all the stains with the help of the rubbing tool until they disappear.
  • Soak the Dirty Blender Overnight: Make a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and dish soap. First, add a cup of vinegar into the carafe. Now, add some drops of liquid dish detergent and about half-cup of baking soda. Let the bubbles come to the top and subside. Blend the mixture and let it soak into the carafe for few hours. After this, pour the mixture into the sink. Wash the carafe in such way that it is completely clean. If it still smells like baking soda and vinegar, quickly blend it again with dish
    soap and water only.
  • Allow the Blender to Dry: After you are done with everything, leave the jug upside-down to dry. After sometime when the blender jug is completely dry, put the lid back on it, because a moist interior can lead to condensation and increases the chance of bacterial growth.

Method 2: Cleaning the Base

  • Wipe Down the Base: Take a towel or sponge soaked in warm soapy water and then press it out until it is damp. Now, with the help of the cloth clean the base of the blender if any food or liquid has spilled over there. Remember not to wash the base as it may damage the electronic motor and control system of the appliance.
  • Use a Q- tip to Clean Control Buttons: If there’s any build-up of blended gunk present in the cracks of blender’s control interface, it may become difficult to remove everything with a sponge. Dip the Q-tip in rubbing alcohol and wipe the around the gunky buttons using the same.

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