About Stone Soup Bistro

Hey guys

My name is Cynthia and Adrian and we are situated in 112, West German Street, Sherperdstown  and I am here to tell you all that you need to know about the our blog and Bistro named Stone Soup Bistro and while the name might suggest, no we are not here to talk only about soups.

When we realized our dream of opening a bistro was about to come true, we were faced with the task of coming up with a name that could express our vision for this restaurant. The name “Stone Soup” comes from a folk tale, said to have originated in France, which has passed through many generations and cultures.

Through each culture and generation the “ingredients” in Stone Soup have remained the same. In this tale, a traveler, (or sometimes travelers), arrives in an impoverished town where food and togetherness is scarce. The traveler decides to make “stone soup”, which begins as a boiling pot of water and a large stone, in the center of town.

Soon, the curious villagers surround the traveler bearing whatever ingredient they can manage. Together, they make a delicious feast of soup that feeds the whole town.

The inspiration for this tale is that in coming together to work toward a greater good, no one goes hungry. The inspiration for our restaurant

Also if cooking  is your passion then don’t forget to check out our online recipe book and cooking guide.

Apart from that we also love to hear from you guys. So if you’ve got a recipe you would like to share with us you can write to us at myrecipe@stonesoupbistro.com or you can do using the contact page and if we really like your recipe you could also get a chance to feature on our site.

So come on, don’t sit back. Send in your yummy recipes and your cooking stories right away and keep cooking.


Cynthia and Adrian